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Carp Capture Mobile App Download the Carp Capture useful mobile app.  This app has been released by Carp CaptureSports . Mobile Apps Developer of Carp Capture has described the features as,Carp Capture App is a new and unique app that enables you to record the weight of your catches and easily share your photos via social media. This free app has the following functions – Once you have caught a fish simply enter the weight of your catch via the “ENTER WEIGHT” tab. Once you have done this open the “TAKE PHOTO” tab and the weight will display under the Carp Capture logo. Simply then line up your photo and take the picture using the gold button. You can also download and display lake logos via the “CODE” tab. Once you have downloaded a lakes logo this will also display on the screen when you take a photo. (Tackle Manufacturers and Bait Suppliers can also upload their logo) All photos are saved into the “GALLERY” which displays small thumbnails of your images, which when cl