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Guitar Play - Games & Songs Mobile App

Guitar Play - Games & Songs Mobile App Download the Guitar Play - Games & Songs useful mobile app.  This app has been released by GismartMusic & Audio . Mobile Apps Developer of Guitar Play - Games & Songs has described the features as,The coolest way to learn guitar music and become a skillful musician is to learn while playing guitar games! This guitar simulator game is suitable for all - musicians and non-musicians, adults and kids - no previous lessons needed. Just launch the app, follow the dynamic hints and enjoy the guitar!  *** Guitar Play features *** GAME MODE: the guitar game will challenge your timing, rhythm and coordination skills. Perform various techniques- strum, pluck and strike the strings. Gradually unlock new challenges. Train your guitar playing skills, get higher scores to access new guitars and get awesome tracks!  SONGBOOK: over 40 popular songs available! Choose songs from various genres and styles - pop, rock, jazz, blues and m