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Map Hello Neighbor for MCPE Mobile App

Map Hello Neighbor for MCPE Mobile App Download the Map Hello Neighbor for MCPE useful mobile app.  This app has been released by VinhkalEntertainment . Mobile Apps Developer of Map Hello Neighbor for MCPE has described the features as,Map Hello Neighbor for MCPE is a mod for Minecraft PE that consists of a map or world based on the PC game with the same name. This mod is hidding style, espionage and terror. Dodge traps, security cameras, and most importantly, your neighbor, who is learning from your behavior and adapts, so try to change routines often. You can hide in closets and wait for the danger to pass, although this will not always work for you, so be careful. The goal is to get the key to the basement of your neighbor's house and discover what it is that hides. Discover your secret and come out victorious in this fascinating game of stealth and terror. Enjoy this mod in the simplest way possible. Download and install the map with a few clicks and start playing n