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Blood Pressure Diary Mobile App

Blood Pressure Diary Mobile App Download the Blood Pressure Diary useful mobile app.  This app has been released by Health & Fitness AI LabMedical . Mobile Apps Developer of Blood Pressure Diary has described the features as,Note that this app DOES NOT measure the blood pressure. Please use FDA-approved blood pressure monitor (i.e., BP monitor) to measure BP reliably Control high blood pressure (i.e., Hypertension) with our app!  Simple and Easy to use  1. You can easily log and track systolic, diastolic and pulse by just swiping your finger 2. You can easily add your tags (e.g., irregular heartbeat, cuff location like left/right arms, seated/reclined) 3. You can easily search your data (e.g., by date, tags, and bloodpressure zones) Fully integrate with blood pressure zones  1. Automatically calculate bloodpressure zone 2. Support all blood pressure zones (i.e., Stage 1 and 2 Hypertension, Prehypertension, Normal, Hypotension) 3. Helpful to monitor and c