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My BP Lab 2.0 Mobile App

My BP Lab 2.0 Mobile App Download the My BP Lab 2.0 useful mobile app.  This app has been released by Sage BionetworksHealth & Fitness . Mobile Apps Developer of My BP Lab 2.0 has described the features as,Do stress and blood pressure affect your health? Join the My BP Lab UCSF study to find out. About the Study The UCSF My BP Lab study uses surveys and sensor data from your phone or Galaxy Watch Active to quantify and understand how stress and daily experiences affect your health. For three weeks, complete daily check-ins where you measure stress and emotional experiences during your daily life as well as physiological responses like blood pressure and heart rate.  Participants must be 18 years or older to participate and have a Samsung S9 / S9+ / Note9 / S10 / S10+ phone. Why Participate? Your participation will help contribute to scientific knowledge about stress and blood pressure in daily life. Your participation will also help improve measurement of bl