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Play QR Code Mobile App

Play QR Code Mobile App Download the Play QR Code useful mobile app.  This app has been released by Donnie G LukerTools . Mobile Apps Developer of Play QR Code has described the features as,Play QR code is the best and fastest QR code reader/bar code creator app for Android for free.The scanner automatically scans and identifies the QR code or barcode information by using the phone's camera. All major barcode and QR code formats are supported. With this QR Reader app, you can also create and share unlimited QR codes whenever you want. Key features: Easy to Use Our QR code readers and barcode scanners can automatically detect codes and barcode, and the scanning effect is more accurate through multi-point scanning and face recognition. If you are in low light envirovment, our SCANER flashlight also allows you to scan and read QR codes and barcodes. Multi-types scanning: You can scan to get multiple results, web links, text, wireless networks, contacts, ISBNs, produc