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Polar Instant Mobile App

Polar Instant Mobile App Download the Polar Instant useful mobile app.  This app has been released by BP ChargemasterMaps & Navigation . Mobile Apps Developer of Polar Instant has described the features as,Access the UK’s largest electric vehicle charging network with Polar Instant, the Polar network’s pay as you go app. Charge your car easily and quickly through your smartphone with this must have app for EV drivers, accessing thousands of charge points across the country, including rapid chargers.  No RFID cards needed. Just login, find your nearest charge point and start charging.  Many of our charge points are free to use, with users only paying a connection fee of £1.20. All chargeable units are clearly displayed on the app’s live map. How it works: - Download the Polar Instant app and sign up as a user - Add credit to your account (minimum £10) - Go to the app’s map and search for your nearest charge points - Filter your search by charge point type, cost a