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Shadowsocks vpn share Mobile App

Shadowsocks vpn share Mobile App Download the Shadowsocks vpn share useful mobile app.  This app has been released by LI GUANGMINGCommunication . Mobile Apps Developer of Shadowsocks vpn share has described the features as,Shadowsocks share - its role is to share and exchange Shadowsocks VPN accounts Now many of my friends use Shadowsocks and share them with everyone. If you have a US server, but you want to use Japan or other countries, then you can come here to share and exchange with everyone. The purpose of this account sharer was to let friends who like to travel through the public account to go around the world to have a look. 1. All shared accounts in this app are from anonymous users. 2. You can set points or advertisements when you share your Shadowsocks account. 3. The application will automatically detect all shared accounts to ensure availability. 4. The shared account is completely free for everyone. 5. If you don't share your account, you can use m