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Ready fit for #teamarmee Mobile App

Ready fit for #teamarmee Mobile App Download the ready fit for #teamarmee useful mobile app.  This app has been released by Zentrum elektronische MedienHealth & Fitness . Mobile Apps Developer of ready fit for #teamarmee has described the features as,With the ready app of the Swiss Army you can have a sports program tailored to your current fitness level and your desire to recruit. Whether parachute reconnaissance, mountain specialist, paramedic or Panzersappeur: train specifically for your desired function in the recruit school (RS). Get ready, join #team army! The Swiss army ready app supports you in your preparation for recruiting and recruiting. You will specifically improve your strength, stamina and mental strength. You will continuously increase your fitness and get background information about sports, nutrition and mental strength. These preparations are important. They can help minimize the risk of injury - not just during the RS - and withstand the strain. For e